Do you have questions? We want to help.

We work with a variety of clients and constantly get asked various questions, here are a few question which might help make your decisions.

SitePro Inc. is available for any residential or commercial location in the greater Virginia area. No job is too small.

No, we do not; however, we can help you with the demolition of your exterior.

SitePro Inc. stands behind every job we take on. We have more than 10+ years of professional experience and are fully licensed for service in Central Virginia

No! We offer FREE estimates! Call us for information on your project.

A lot of times people will try to fix a roadway by just adding gravel. Sometimes fixing the ditches or changing the slope or adding a retaining wall in the surrounding area will solve recurring drainage issues. You may still need the gravel, but let us help you fix the cause of the problem first.

We have done a lot of work with agricultural ponds. We can make it deeper and larger so that it becomes a place you can enjoy year round. We can also help seal the bottom and make other changes so that fluctuation is less of an issue.

Every job is different so we need to schedule an appointment with one of our estimators to look at the job-site and determine things like soil and surface conditions, the areas of maneuverability for our equipment and other important details to determine the safest, and most cost effective way to get your excavation job done.

Yes! A Horizontal Directional Drill can bore approximately 500 feet with accuracy to cross various types of terrain. We can bore under paved lots, roadways, and streams. We also may need to use this method of excavation to avoid damaging root systems of large trees or other plantings.

Yes! we are fully insured.

Every job is different, and is treated as such. We will put together a custom estimate for your project based on its particular scope and needs. We don’t ballpark prices; we put in the time and effort to provide an accurate estimate before getting started.