Isaac Bowman

Construction Manager

Isaac was raised on a dairy farm where he learned valuable life principals such as demonstrating strong work ethic and how to operate equipment. He started work at an early age of 17 in the excavating industry as well as continuing to work on the dairy farm. Isaac started work in the excavating industry as a part-time laborer and was quickly promoted to a full-time employee. He showed excellent skills operating any machine in the industry and this resulted in him teaching others.

Isaac had a dream and a vision to enter the commercial market. His enthusiasm to gain all the knowledge he could in this industry was accomplished in only a few years with skills in all machinery, pricing and bidding in the commercial market. With that vision, he attempted and won multiple bids on projects in this area and successfully completed many projects. Later in life with his experience and expertise, Isaac and his brother Daniel starting working together on other projects in the excavating industry. Years later with more experience under his belt, Isaac and Daniel partnered with humble beginnings, which has fueled his dream and vision of working in the commercial market.

Daniel Bowman

Construction Manager

Daniel was raised on a dairy farm where hard work ethic and operation of equipment became second nature very early on. At the age of 16, he began his career in residential construction and rapidly expanded his knowledge within the industry. Four years later, DAB Enterprises Inc. was founded to subcontract to developers and contractors around Smith Mountain Lake area. This work involved all phases of construction from conception to completion. Daniel through customer relations, hard work, commitment and dedication developed a solid reputation of finishing his jobs with accuracy and speed.

Years of success by DAB Enterprises Inc. in the construction industry provided avenues for expansion. In 2011, brothers Daniel and Isaac partnered their love of heavy equipment to build a solid company with strong foundations in the civil arena.

Titus Bowman

Construction Manager

Titus was raised on a dairy farm where he learned how to operate equipment with a strong work ethic. He started his career in the concrete/construction industry in 2003 at the age of 17. Titus developed an outstanding reputation through nine years in the construction industry with providing precision, speed, accuracy and perfection with each project. As he was specifically requested many times for projects, this allowed him to become a valuable asset with three prestigious companies and allowed him to continue growing in his skills, expand his dreams and vision for life ahead.

Titus also had a dream and a vision to build and work in his own company. In 2012, his desire to be a business owner was provided when he received the opportunity to become a partner with Isaac and Daniel. Titus adds to the partnership as an unquantifiable asset to a very dynamic team.